Email migration project - Update

25/06/2018 | Technology | National

We're aiming to have everyone in the cloud (that is, using Microsoft Office 365) by the end of 2019. This means we can securely access Microsoft products, like Outlook emails and calendars, over the internet, from anywhere.

May Monthly Update - From the Top

01/06/2018 | Feature, Honours & Awards, Achievements, Direction, Technology | National

Keeping you connected with what’s going on with communities and the change we are going through is crucial as we build the new Fire and Emergency New Zealand.In this month’s FENZ Update you will find insights into how we are working together on the front line and behind the scenes. There’s a lot going on – some of it is obvious to everyone and some involves planning and thinking and changing that isn’t quite so visible.

Rural stations to get new ICT by September

31/05/2018 | Technology | National

Volunteer Rural Fire Forces (VRFFs) will be online and connected with the rest of the organisation by September this year. From mid-June we will be delivering a Microsoft Windows tablet, a printer, and where suitable, a television or portable projector for training purposes, to each of the 209 VRFFs.

Delivering integrated ICT solutions

31/05/2018 | Technology | National

Our focus in this first year of Integration (Phase 2) is on delivering our ‘must haves’ - the ICT to support systems or processes we are legislatively required to have in place by 1 July 2018; ensuring national consistency in our ICT and infrastructure (particularly for our rural people), and ensuring our networks are accessible but secure.

FireTrap enhanced

14/05/2018 | Technology | National

The Fire Awareness and Intervention Programme (FAIP) have developed an awesome new interactive game designed for children from the ages 9 plus. Read here for more information.