Don’t be surprised if firefighters respond when you call for ambulance

28/09/2021 | Operational | National

In the lead up to Restart a Heart day on 16 October, we are working with St John and Wellington Free Ambulance to raise awareness so the public are not surprised if firefighters turn up to a medical emergency when they have called for an ambulance. We are reassuring people our firefighters are trained to respond to such situations and they are there to help.

Minimising contact at Taiharuru fire

08/09/2021 | Operational | Te Hiku (previously Region 1)

On 25 August, Fire and Emergency responded to a vegetation fire started by the hot exhaust of a car that drove through long grass in a paddock adjoining Taiharuru Road, Whangarei. Initially a response of two pumps and a water tanker from three stations, Whangarei Heads, Onerahi and Hikurangi were dispatched.