Rural stations to get new ICT by September

31/05/2018 | ICT/Technology | National

Volunteer Rural Fire Forces (VRFFs) will be online and connected with the rest of the organisation by September this year. From mid-June we will be delivering a Microsoft Windows tablet, a printer, and where suitable, a television or portable projector for training purposes, to each of the 209 VRFFs.

Delivering integrated ICT solutions

31/05/2018 | ICT/Technology | National

Our focus in this first year of Integration (Phase 2) is on delivering our ‘must haves’ - the ICT to support systems or processes we are legislatively required to have in place by 1 July 2018; ensuring national consistency in our ICT and infrastructure (particularly for our rural people), and ensuring our networks are accessible but secure.


31/05/2018 | Volunteer, ICT/Technology | National

A platform to capture the ideas from you, the Fire and Emergency personnel, that could make a real difference to our people and our communities.

FireTrap enhanced

14/05/2018 | ICT/Technology | National

The Fire Awareness and Intervention Programme (FAIP) have developed an awesome new interactive game designed for children from the ages 9 plus. Read here for more information.

Keep safe on line: Be data smart

11/05/2018 | ICT/Technology | National

Online safety and security is a hot topic right now, in the media and here at Fire and Emergency NZ. This is because it affects us all – at work and at home. The ICT Help Desk has been busy dealing with this increase in spam emails, links to dodgy sites, and hoax phone calls. Find out what you can do at home and work to keep safe on line ...