On 24 January 2019, I publicly released the findings and 33 recommendations of retired Judge Coral Shaw’s independent review into the workplace policies, practices and procedures to address bullying and harassment at Fire and Emergency.

The report was confronting and highlighted a clear need for change to remove unwanted behaviour from our organisation.

As I said at the time, bullying and harassment has no place within Fire and Emergency; I have zero tolerance for any kind of that behaviour. Our unions and associations also have a no tolerance approach, and I acknowledge their ongoing support as we address these issues.

The report release was our line in the sand on our journey to reshape the way we act as a unified organisation. I committed to releasing an action plan and reporting on progress every six months.

In my blog last week, I explained our decision to delay releasing the action plan out of respect and acknowledgement of those coming to terms with the Christchurch mosque shootings.

Today, I am very pleased to release our Positive Workplace Culture Action Plan.

Just as I went on public record to release the report, our response will also be public with the Action Plan hosted on our external website – easily viewed by both ourselves and our communities.



(external link)

This Action Plan is one of the steps we will take in addressing unwanted behaviour and building an inclusive, respectful, and safe place to work. It sets out our direction, priorities and initiatives for how we will address unwanted behaviour and implement the recommendations outlined in the report.

Each and every one of us has a responsibility to drive these changes within Fire and Emergency. I encourage you to visit the site and read more about the progress we’ve already made towards creating a more positive workplace culture, and our next steps. We will keep you updated as we make progress and are committed to engaging with you throughout.

We signed up to protect our communities – it’s time we signed up for each other to make the changes needed to be the organisation New Zealand expects us to be.

He waka eke noa – everyone in one canoe with no exception.

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