Next month we will be announcing the first appointments to our District, Group and Community Risk Manager positions. These roles will help us deliver the unified organisation that will serve New Zealand communities in the future, by providing coordinated, consistent fire and emergency services across the ‘4Rs’. 

District Managers will work closely with communities to ensure we meet their needs, and will lead the delivery of the 4Rs across the built and natural environments. Group Managers will manage our response capability and capacity within particular locations, and will be key point of contact for brigades and stations to connect with the organisation. They will also contribute to and support District risk-reduction, community readiness and recovery activities. Community Risk Managers will lead and manage our teams providing risk-reduction and community readiness and recovery advice and expertise for the District. 

In making appointments to these roles we have kept at the forefront the importance of health, safety and wellbeing, and the particular importance of this on the incident ground. 

As now, all our future leaders will be well qualified for the roles they are appointed to. We have consistently worked to the rule that only suitably qualified people will command incidents. This has been a foundation principle in both urban and rural approaches to firefighting and continues to be a fundamental prerequisite to any appointment within Fire and Emergency.

To ensure we maintain safe systems, we will continue to have call-out rosters for structure and vegetation fire fighting. The officers on these rosters will have the necessary skills and experience to manage these incident types. 

This has been a consistent principle of the organisational change and one that has been communicated to the organisation and to our unions and associations throughout the process. 

As has always been the case, expertise from across the organisation can and will be used in support roles operational leadership. This includes public information management, community and inter-agency engagement, intelligence, logistics, administration, welfare, etc.  This is the strength of our 14,000-person organisation and our wide skill sets. 

Finally, not all roles will be filled in the first round, and we will advertise the remaining positions shortly afterwards. People who have already applied for these need not apply again, but can update their application if they wish. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to put their names forward.

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