Yesterday our Chair, Paul Swain, shared Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s annual report.

The report charts the progress we’ve made in our second year to integrate 40 separate organisations into one unified fire and emergency service.

You, our people, are at the heart of our organisation. New Zealanders look to you with respect and trust. Every time you respond to an incident or speak with someone in your community about being prepared for an emergency, you have the potential to change lives.

In the past year we have attended 79,921 fires and other emergencies, including 13,640 medical emergencies, 9,982 motor vehicle accidents, 5,202 structure fires and 4,416 vegetation fires.

We’ve invested in equipment, appliances, technology, protective clothing, fire stations, training, more people to support our firefighters, urban and rural infrastructure, support for volunteers and their families and, most importantly, in your health and safety.

We welcomed our new Executive Leadership Team and recruited our new Service Delivery Leadership Team to create the first unified operational leadership structure in our organisation.

At the same time, we have focused on creating and maintaining a more diverse workforce that better reflects our changing communities through our recruitment campaigns for career and volunteer firefighters. And we have focused on creating a workplace where everyone feels safe, welcome and included.

To celebrate some of the many highlights noted in our annual report, I encourage you to watch this short clip:

The benefits of being one unified organisation are visible every day. You are better equipped, better connected, better informed and working more closely together to do what you do best – saving lives and protecting the things that are important to our communities. Thank you.

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