CE Video Update


This week is Niuean language week and I’d like to encourage you to connect with the Niuean language, culture and identity which is so much a part of New Zealand and its diverse culture.

September consultation update


CE update - I recently visited our people in the Central North Island to lead discussions on the consultation process; to discuss our goals and to hear feedback.

Weekly meeting update from Strategic Leadership Team (SLT)


We are really pleased that there has been a good uplift this week in our people logging on to and commenting in ConsiderThis. Our Leaders’ commitment to get the consultation pack out to you, and discuss the content, means we have now reached almost 50 percent of the organisation. The Strategic Leadership Team would like to encourage Leaders to share more information across the organisation and to encourage people to get involved. Conversations are just starting with our Volunteers.

Get ready to have your say


Next month on the 24 August, we will be kicking off the first round of our organisational-wide consultation, which will focus on what we do and how we do it. I urge each and every one of you to take part in our consultation. We need to ensure that we are building a strong organisation that is fit to meet the future demands of our communities.

Fire and Emergency 1 year anniversary


A year ago we established Fire and Emergency NZ and were given a great opportunity to recreate our fire service. Looking back over the past year we’ve achieved a lot and I’m proud of the progress that we’ve made to date.

International Firefighters’ Day


International Firefighters’ Day is an important day for us to acknowledge and celebrate the great work our people do to ensure our local communities are safe.