Fire and Emergency New Zealand is committed to working with Māori as tangata whenua and through this commitment we recognise that Māori language is a taonga, a unique cultural treasure.

Te Wiki o te reo Māori is a time for our organisation to celebrate the Māori language by getting more of us speaking, hearing, and experiencing te reo Māori. 

 By improving our knowledge and use of te reo Māori we will be more effective in building relationships to contribute to community wellbeing and resilience as iwi and Māori leaders are key stakeholders in our organisation’s operations.

Kawhe me te Kōrero online classes;

Throughout the week we're running "Kawhe me te Kōrero", Coffee and Chats. These are online classes with professional ngā kaiako (teachers) which you can sign up for below. 

Rauemi Ipurangi | Learning resources;

Learning a language can seem daunting and you might not know where to start. We’ve pulled together the below resources to help you regardless of your comfort level of using te reo;

 Share with us your Māori Language Moment!

Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori | Māori Language Commission(external link) want to set the world record for people speaking and celebrating an endangered, Indigenous language at the same! They're asking  Aotearoa New Zealand to take part in a Māori Language Moment(external link) by choosing to sing, speak, listen, learn or play in reo Māori on Tuesday 14th September at 12pm.

Send us images or words on what your Māori Language Moment was so we can send them over and help them set their record! 

Share your Māori Language Moment or any other moment from the week here. 

To help you get involved we've scheduled a 'Kawhe me te Kōrero' on our organisation's Karakia right at that time!

Karawhiua! Give it a go!


Whether you're brand new to learning te reo Māori or you want to brush up on some kupu, learning about pronunciation is a great way to feel more confident speaking te reo. Your Kaiako will choose the best way to take you through the basics of the 15  distinct sounds that make up te reo Māori. 


A pepeha is an impactful way to introduce yourself in te reo. Your Kaiako will choose the best way to take you through what you can include in your pepeha and how to include it in a mihimihi (welcome). They will also be able to answer some common questions around the tikanga (protocol) of doing a pepeha. 


Karakia is a prayer in te reo Māori and can be performed on many occasions to bring good favour and outcomes. Fire and Emergency New Zealand has been gifted its own karakia, which is a powerful way for our people to to open hui and events. Your Kaiako will choose the best way to take you through learning this karakia and answer some common questions around the tikanga of doing a karakia. 

Open session

These sessions are less structured and are for anyone who might feel they are a step beyond the above topics or have specific pātai around learning te reo Māori. When you sign up for this class you can choose to submit a topic or pātai you'd like covered. The Kaiako will go through any submitted pātai from attendees and then move on to ways on increasing the use of te reo Māori in your everyday life.


Kristy Jefferson

Kristy is a qualified secondary school teacher of te reo Māori. She has also completed Te Pīnakitanga ki te reo Kairangi through Te Wānanga o Aotearoa.

Kristy started Akoako education to support te reo development and capability in the community and the corporate sphere. She uses a range of games, activities and learning styles to support all learners to access te reo Māori and become confident with their Māori language skills.

Kristy is a non-Māori te reo Māori educator who has worked in teaching and learning in Māori and mainstream contexts for over 13 years. Her aim is to make learning a fun and positive experience. Poipoia te kākano kia puawai.

Ranginui Rikirangi-Thomas

Ranginui is a product of the kōhanga reo, kura kaupapa, wharekura movement.

He graduated from the Institute of Excellence in the Māori Language, established by Sir Tīmoti Kāretu, Sir Pou Temara and Professor James Te Wharehuia Milroy, and went on to teach Te Reo Māori in the secondary sector and on to tertiary.

Today, Ranginui delivers Te Reo Māori in tertiary as well as Cultural Advisory and Translating services.

Our Kawhe me te Kōrero are an hour long and take place over Teams. Click on the link below to complete your booking. 













12pm - 1


Karakia with Ranginui 

(Māori Language Moment)
  Karakia with Ranginui  

12.30 - 1.30

    Pronunciation with Kristy (Full)   Karakia with Kristy (Full)

1.30 - 2.30

Pronunciation with Kristy (Full)        

1.45- 2.45

    Pepeha with Kristy (Full)   Open session with Kristy (16 spaces)

3.30- 4.30

Pronunciation with Ranginui Pepeha with Ranginui   Open session with Ranginui  

Downloading Teams

Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing application, similar to Zoom or Google Hangouts. You can sign up for and download Teams using your personal or Fire and Emergency email address via this link:

When you book a Kawhe me te Kōrero you will be emailed a Teams link. Clicking on this link will take you into the meeting either through the website or the app, if you chose to download it. 

If you experience any issues downloading or accessing teams please call Danny Simpson directly on 021 153 2397

Placing a background filter

It's always nice when the Kaiako can see your face, but you may not want your background showing up on the screen. Teams allows you to place an image behind you before you enter the hui.

Click to turn your camera on, and then Background Filters;

This will open up a range of background filters you can use and the option to upload your own by clicking 'Add new';

We've created some Fire and Emergency filters for you to download and use as you wish.

  • Simply click on the link to open the image
  • Left click one the image and choose "Save image as...' 
  • Choose a location on your computer to save the image. 
Image Download


Save this image


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Using Teams

Once you have joined the meeting you will be presented with the screen below. If you are the only person in the meeting don’t worry just wait for others to join. As they do join you will see their profile picture or initials.

You will also be presented with a meeting room menu bar which might look slightly different depending on if you're on the app or website;







We've put together a list of our organisation's roles and their te reo translation.

This can help you if you wish to include your role in your pepeha, add it to your email signature or just if you're curious! 

View list here

Whare Kōrero is your pocket guide to te reo Māori, tikanga and Fire and Emergency resources.

Using the app, you can learn about customs when visiting a marae, build your own mihi and pepeha, practice Fire and Emergency’s waiata and karakia plus so much more! 

Head here to find out more

Did you know that Fire and Emergency New Zealand offers a grant each year to our people who are learning te reo Māori?

The Dr Sir John Te Ahikaiata Turei Grant provides financial support for our people to start or further their studies of te reo Māori, ultimately helping to achieve our organisation's focus of serving our communities and people.

Applications for the Dr Sir John Te Ahikaiata Turei Grant go live at the beginning of each year and is announced via the Portal. 

Find out more here

Hiwa-i-te-rangi, our Māori outcomes programme released a 50 page illustrated guide; He Tīmatanga Kōrero. The guide gives our people foundational knowledge which can be built on over time.

After reading the guide you can sit a 20 question multi-choice online knowledge check based on content from the guide. People who pass this check will receive Te Tohu, a pin which is worn to show progression in cultural education and support for our commitment to work with Māori as tangata whenua. 

You can download the guide and find out more information via the Hiwa-i-te-rangi programme page below;

Find out more here

We've put together a number of downloadable resources you can print off and start to practice around your office or station; 

To make it easier for you to include more te reo in your documents, projects and programmes we've put together a process for te reo Māori translations. On this page you can find out more on our languages policy as well as a form to submit translation requests. 

Find out more here

A tohutō not only changes the way a vowel is pronounced but can change the whole meaning of the word! Luckily adding te reo Māori to your computer's list of languages is super easy and only takes a few steps.

Adding te reo Māori to your computer

Step 1: Click on the languages icon on the bottom right of your screen next to the time and date;

Step 2: Click on "Language Preferences" and "Add a preferred language"

Step 3: Type in te reo Māori and click the option that comes up, then click "Next" and "Install".


[It might take a minute for the language to load]

Adding a tohutō to your text

Step 1: Check that the language has been downloaded by clicking back on the language option next to your time and date;

Step 2: Hold down the tilda button on the top left of your keyboard and the vowel at the same time;

Wallah! You can now put tohutō above your vowels!

Note: Your computer will often default back to the English setting, so you just need to change it over whenever you wish to write in te reo Māori. 


This style guide helps you use more te reo in your everyday communications by providing guidance on ; 

- Macrons

- Use of capitals

- Using te reo in text

- Resources

Download style guide here



Mahuru Māori takes place in the month of September and is a reo challenge that came about as a personal social experiment by Paraone Gloyne in 2014 as a way of broadcasting te reo, and normalising it in every day dealings. The challenge is to consciously use as much te reo Māori as you can during Mahuru, September. 

Getting involved in Mahuru Māori is a great way to continue your learning from Te Wiki o te reo Māori and they have great resources on their website to help you along the way. We've also put some resources below that we think are pretty awesome. 

Find out more about Mahuru Māori and sign up for their challenge here. 

Want to increase your knowledge of te ao Māori (the Māori world)? With a mixture of Māori and English, the Taringa podcast is the perfect way to learn te reo and tikanga Māori in a fun and relaxed way. 

Episodes are posted weekly, discussing either:

The complete and accessible guide to learning the Maori language, no matter your knowledge level. Fun, user-friendly and relevant to modern readers, Scotty Morrison's Maori Made Easy is the one-stop resource for anyone wanting to learn the basics of the Maori language.


Māori Made Easy can be purchased as an audiobook or physical book


Kupu o te Rā is a Māori language word of the day service to help you with your vocabulary and grammar, every day! You can register for a daily email or sign up to Facebook or Twitter

The online Māori Dictionary is a great website to bookmark for quick reference on spelling, descriptions and pronunciation of te reo.



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