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F2255143 - Multiple Fatality MVA - SH60 Mapua

Updated: 19/12/2017 | Find a Document

On 27th February an American tourist in a rented SUV attempted a U-turn near a blind corner on SH60 (The Coastal Highway) about 20 minutes from Nelson. A truck carrying scaffolding was required to take evasive action to avoid a collision, however it still contacted the vehicle and went on to hit an SUV towing a caravan almost head on. This resulted in the deaths of the driver of the truck and the SUV towing the caravan and caused the two deceased and three other people to be trapped in their vehicles.

Volunteer initiatives

Updated: 15/12/2017 | Volunteers

A range of initiatives as part of a package to better support volunteers were in place from 1 July including:

Property disposal policy

Updated: 15/12/2017 | Find a Document

This policy sets out the rules that apply when you consider disposing of, or are disposing of Fire and Emergency’s interest in a property.


Updated: 15/12/2017 | Projects & Programmes

Information about each of the eight workstreams is available below.  New information will be added on a regular basis.