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Type 3 Appliance Acquisition Project

Updated: 26/06/2019 | Current Projects & Programmes

Fire and Emergency is looking at what features we need from a Type 3 appliance to help our firefighters do their jobs and look after our communities. We want to ensure we have the most appropriate type 3 appliance, and will be going out to market to ensure we have the best available appliance which fits our requirements.

Property strategy 2018-2021

Updated: 25/06/2019 | Find a Document

This is the first strategic plan for property following Fire and Emergency’s formation on 1 July 2017. It is the first to consider together both urban and rural fire property assets. The New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) 2016 strategic plan for property focused solely on urban fire property assets.

National paging outage 30 June 2019

Updated: 25/06/2019 | Find a Document

This Operations Plan outlines work to be completed by an external vendor to carry out a major software upgrade to the Warkworth Satellite HUB resulting in a loss of paging to 57 sites across New Zealand.