Fire and Emergency is committed to providing a safe and respectful workplace free from sexual harm. It is never acceptable. This page will help link you to support available if you have experienced sexual harm.

  • Anyone can be a victim of sexual abuse, sexual harm, rape or sexual assault. It can happen to children, women, and men, of all ages, of any sexuality, gender or ethnicity.
  • No one “asks” to be sexually abused or assaulted and no one who is sexually abused or assaulted is ever to blame for this happening.
  • Sexual abuse, sexual harm, rape or sexual assault always involves a misuse of power and is a crime.
  • Approximately 1 in 4 New Zealand women and 1 in 8 men have experienced sexual abuse before the age of 15.
  • Your body may react in its own way to sexual abuse.
  • Getting help as soon as possible actually does help you to start to recover from the effects of the abuse. link)

What is sexual harm?

Sexual harm includes:

  • sexual assault
  • sexual harassment
  • request for sexual favours
  • any form of unwanted sexual advance
  • any other unwanted behaviour that is sexual in nature.

Sexual harm can be verbal, visual, or physical, and could involve electronic forms of communication, such as unsolicited sexual images.

If this is an emergency:

If you are able to, get to a place where you will be safe.

Call 111 and ask for Police. You can call 111 from your cellphone even if you have no credit.


If you need to talk to someone, call the Government's Safe to Talk(external link) helpline – Kōrero mai ka ora on 0800 044 334. It offers free confidential contact with trained specialists - available any time, day or night.

Medical support and forensic examination

If you have been sexually assaulted, it is important that you get specialist medical care.

Find your nearest sexual assault medical service by visiting SAATSlink.(external link)

What happens at a specialist sexual assault medical service?

Specially trained doctors will assess your injuries, talk to you about preventing and screening for pregnancy and STIs, and provide a forensic medical examination if you are thinking of involving the Police.

If the sexual assault happened within seven days or less, prompt medical care is essential for your health and safety. For past assault, a medical examination can help you access the right physical and psychological support.

Forensic evidence helps

Good quality forensic evidence can really help if you are going to involve the Police.  We understand that it's an awful time for you, but the best time to collect this is as soon as possible after the event, so if you can:

  • Try to get to one of the sexual assault medical services before you shower or bathe, so they can collect samples. If you can avoid going to the toilet too, you can preserve evidence.  We understand this may not happen.
  • Put any clothing you were wearing during the assault in a bag to provide as evidence. Don't wash it or throw it away.
  • Don't tidy up or move things in the place where the assault occurred if you want the Police to be able to get the best information from the scene.

Police support

New Zealand Police(external link) can provide advice and help you access specialist support immediately or at a later time.

You can still report a rape or sexual assault, even if it happened to you days, weeks, months or even years ago.

Contact the New Zealand Police directly by either phoning or visiting your nearest Police station.(external link)

If you now live overseas and are considering laying a complaint in regard to offending that occurred in New Zealand, then please contact the Sexual Violence Team at Police National Headquarters at (link sends e-mail) for advice.

If you, or someone you are aware of, has experienced sexual harm, you can receive specialist support from trained professionals.

You do not have to cope with this alone and there are several free and confidential services through which you can access support.

You do not have to report an assault to Fire and Emergency or Police to access support from any of the following services.

If you are feeling unsafe or have experienced unwanted behaviour at Fire and Emergency, the Behaviour and Conduct Office (BCO) team are here to support you. You can contact the Behaviour and Conduct Office for confidential information and advice about options, reporting, and support.

Behaviour and Conduct Office (BCO)

Phone: 0800 470 951 (available Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm)


What can you expect from the Behaviour and Conduct Office?

  • You will be listened to and taken seriously
  • You will be given information about all your options
  • You will be supported through the process.

Safe to Talk Helpline

Safe to Talk(external link) is a 24/7 phone and web-based service that connects you with a trained specialist at any time. They can provide you information about medical, emotional, and behavioural issues related to harmful experiences.

This service is available in over 40 different languages. Please ask about the language line when you call.

You can call Safe to Talk 24/7 on 0800 044 334 or text 4334.

Male Survivors Aotearoa

Male Survivors Aotearoa(external link) provides support to men recovering from the consequences of sexual abuse.

You can call the Male Survivors Aotearoa National Advocate on 027 353 3854.


Shakti(external link) (strength) provides immediate help and support to women, children and youth of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin who have experienced sexual abuse, domestic violence and discrimination.

You can call the Shakti 24/7 Crisis Line on 0800 SHAKTI (0800 742 584)

ACC Find Support

ACC's Find Support programme(external link) helps you access ACC-funded support following sexual abuse or assault, in your time, on your terms.

Alternatively, victims of sexual violence may make direct contact with ACC's Sensitive Claims Unit(external link).


EAP(external link) provides professional and confidential counselling services across NZ. This is open to all Fire and Emergency people and their immediate families.

You can call EAP 24/7 on 0800 327 669.


Vitae(external link) provides workplace wellbeing and employee assistance services, including counselling support.

You can call Vitae 24/7 on 0508 664 981.


As the health and safety regulator, WorkSafe(external link) provides resources about managing health and safety risks. This includes a dedicated webpage and resources on sexual harassment. They can also receive complaints about breaches of obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to take all reasonably practicable steps to provide a safe workplace.

You can call WorkSafe on 0800 030 040.

Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission(external link) offers a free service to deal with both informal enquiries and complaints related to discrimination and racial and sexual harassment issues.

You can call the Human Rights Commission on 0800 496 877.

Office for Disability Issues

The Office for Disability Issues(external link) is the focal point in government for disability issues, supporting implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the New Zealand Disability Strategy.

You can call the Office for Disability Issues on (04) 916 3300.

Legal services

Community Law(external link) offers free legal advice and information on a wide range of issues. You don’t need to make a booking, just turn up to a drop-in session. They offer both general legal advice and specialist services.

You can find details of their free legal clinics via their 24 Community Law Centres here(external link).

Whangarei Rape Crisis

Whangarei Rape Crisis(external link) provides free services to anyone who has experienced sexual harm.

You can call their 24/7 Crisis Helpline: 0800 883 300.

You can also call (09) 438 6221 to arrange an appointment time or use their drop-in service between 9am and 12pm Monday to Thursday (this service is a women-only safe space).

HELP Auckland

Help Auckland(external link) is a specialist provider of 24/7 Crisis Support Services. Their highly trained, professional staff will safeguard a survivor’s emotional health and advocate on their behalf when they can’t.

Their service ranges from a 24/7 Helpline and medical/Police call-out service, to face-to-face support and agency referrals.

You can call the HELP Auckland 24/7 Helpline on 0800 623 1700.

Tautoko Mai

Tautoko Mai(external link) has an experienced team of counsellors and social workers professionally trained in sexual harm support.

They also provide free medical checks and support for survivors of sexual assault; their medical specialists are experienced in sexual harm and trauma care. They will support you with treatment options, advice, information and answers to any pātai/questions you may have.

You can call the Tautoko Mai 24/7 Confidential helpline on 0800 227 233 (0800 2B SAFE) or (07) 577 0512.


Shama(external link) works to connect ethnic people who have experienced sexual harm or sexual violence with services that can help and support them, including counselling, therapy and crisis support.

You can call Shama on (07) 843 3810 between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

ARCS Manawatu

ARCS Manawatu (external link) provide support and recovery social work, counselling and education for women, men and children in areas of sexual violence. ARCS has offices in Palmerston North, Levin and Dannievirk.

You can call ARCS Manawatu on (06) 356 5868 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday for information and support in the Manawatu region.


Wellstop Taranaki(external link) provides crisis support for adults have been sexually harmed who are currently in crisis related to recent sexual abuse or memories of sexual abuse from the past, as well as post-crisis counselling for those affected by sexual abuse and family members.

You can call Wellstop Taranaki on: (06) 758 4178 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday for more information.


Wellstop(external link) provides crisis support for adults have been sexually harmed who are currently in crisis related to recent sexual abuse or memories of sexual abuse from the past, as well as post-crisis counselling for those affected by sexual abuse and family members. Wellstop has offices in Gisborne, Wairoa and Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North and Taumaranui.

You can call Wellstop Eastern on (06) 834 0444 between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday for more information.

Tū Pakari Ora—Wellington Sexual Assault Assessment and Treatment Service

Tū Pakari Ora—Wellington Sexual Assault Assessment and Treatment Service(external link) is a specialised clinic staffed by doctors and nurses trained in sexual assault medicine.

They offer a safe environment and sensitive medical and forensic care for people aged 14 and over who have experienced sexual assault or abuse.

You can access their team any time for medical care and support, including prevention of pregnancy, STI, and injury treatment. They can also collect forensic evidence for the Police if you decide this is how you want to proceed.

You can call Tū Pakari Ora on (04) 805 0522 between 8am and 5pm for more information.

Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP

Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP(external link) provides specialised support for people affected by sexual abuse and assault.

They operate a 24/7 crisis support line and have on-site support workers and can talk to you about the process of forensic examination and support you throughout the process. They can also arrange a specialised doctor or counselling appointments if needed.

You can call Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP 24/7 on (04) 801 6655 and push '0' at the menu.

Wellington Rape Crisis

Wellington Rape Crisis(external link) provide support and information over the phone, by email, and in person to survivors of rape and sexual abuse and to their families, friends and whānau.

This includes people who are supporting a survivor or who are affected by the rape or sexual abuse of someone they know.

You can call Wellington Rape Crisis on (04) 801 8973 between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Hutt Valley Sexual Abuse Support and Healing

Hutt Valley Sexual Abuse Support and Healing(external link) provides a free service to all women, men and children affected by sexual abuse and rape, recent or historic.

You can call Hutt Valley Sexual Abuse Support and Healing 24/7 on 0800 22 66 94.

Male Survivors of Sexual Assault Trust (MOSAIC)

The Wellington branch of the Male Survivors of Sexual Assault Trust(external link) (MOSAIC) provides one to one, peer and group support for male survivors and their significant others.

You can call or text MOSAIC confidentially on 022 419 3416.


SASH(external link) provides professional services for people and their family/whanau affected by sexual abuse in the Nelson/Tasman region. SASH has offices in Nelson, Motueka and Blenheim.

They have a dedicated team of Crisis Response Workers, Case Managers, and Counsellors who provide intensive support and counselling to people and families following a sexual assault. All services SASH provide are free.

You can call SASH on 03 548 2407.


Aviva’s(external link) Sexual Assault Support Service Canterbury (SASSC) 24/7 support service supports adults who have been victims of sexual assault/rape, and close family members/friends of victims. SASSC is currently available in Christchurch, North Canterbury, Selwyn and Ashburton.

You can call Aviva 24/7 on 0800 AVIVA NOW (0800 28482 669) or (03) 378 3847 for information and support

Ōtepoti Collective Against Sexual Abuse (OCASA)

Ōtepoti Collective Against Sexual Abuse (OCASA)(external link) provides free and confidential services to survivors of any gender from the age of 18 and above.

You can call OCASA on (03) 474 1592 between 9am and 5pm weekdays for more information.


What will the BCO do with my information?

The information you provide when making a complaint will be kept as confidential as possible and will only be shared with those who need to know the information in order for your complaint to be properly addressed. This may include sharing information with the person you have complained about.  

Your information won’t be shared without your knowledge. However, if there is a serious threat to your, or someone else’s, health or safety, the organisation may be required to take action without letting you know first.

If you have concerns or questions about how your information may be shared with others, please feel free to contact the BCO to discuss.

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