Our Online Module to understand the Code is live!  Access the module here(external link) or find out more below

Nau mai, welcome! This page has everything you need to know about Te Tikanga Whanonga | our Code of Conduct. 

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Fire and Emergency is working to create a safer, more positive and inclusive environment for all our people. The launch of our Code of Conduct is an important step in our mahi to create a future where our people feel they belong and are supported and enabled to thrive. 

The Code applies to everyone including staff, volunteers, contractors and our Board. It supports us to make the right decisions and sets out what will happen if we act outside those expectations. Our Code of Conduct replaces all other codes and standards, including the Code of Behaviour and Standards of Conduct.   

It is everyone's responsibility to take some time to read Te Tikanga Whanonga, our Code of Conduct, learn how you can apply the code to your mahi and thrive as part of our organisation. 

Te Tikanga Whanonga:

Tikanga refers to correct procedures and customs. Whanonga refers to conduct.

Alongside our new Code is the revised Bullying, harassment and victimisation policy, which defines what we mean by “bullying”, “harassment” and “victimisation”, and what people must do if they experience or witness any of these behaviours. 

Access and download here:

Bullying and Harrassment and Victimisation Policy [PDF, 298 KB]

The Unacceptable behaviours schedule gives examples of what Fire and Emergency considers bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation.

Access and download here:   

Unacceptable Behaviours Schedule [PDF, 202 KB]

We've pulled together a downloadable sheet of Q&As to answer any queries you or your team might have. If something isn't covered below, please email: eketaumata@fireandemergency.nz

Te Tikanga Whanonga | Code of Conduct Q&As [PDF, 174 KB]

Access module here(external link)

The Code is not just a set of rules; it is a foundational document that helps us uphold our values, create a supportive work environment, and guide our behaviour. Te Tikanga Whanonga | our Code of Conduct online module has been created to help us understand the Code, the behaviours expected of us, and how to be an upstander.

The online module supports you to:

- understand the key principles and values outlined in the Code,

- recognise behaviours that violate the Code,

- know how to address or report violations appropriately,

- find additional help and guidance.

It takes 15 – 25 minutes to complete the online module and you can complete it individually or as a team. Regardless of our role, we each have a part to play in creating a future where we all feel we can thrive at Fire and Emergency. It is the expectation that everyone takes some time to complete this module.

Group completion

If you go through this module as a group, the person who facilitated the group training can record the people involved via this form [PDF, 280 KB], and have it signed by their leader. Send the form to: Eketaumata@fireandemergency.nz, so we can report their completion of training.

Coming soon:

  • Facilitated leader's briefing and toolkit

Is it important for our leaders to have the right tools and information to support their people to understand and embed the Code. We will be releasing time slots to register for an online leader's briefing and a toolkit to set our leaders up for success in doing this. We will communicate wider once the leader's breifing times and toolkit has launched. If you'd like to receive a direct email once they're live please register your email via the this form:  Register for 'learn' launch notification(external link)

Our people shared their whakaaro, thoughts on why they see the Code as being important for the future of our organisation and what they believe it means to thrive at Fire and Emergency. 

Eke Taumata

Te Tikanga Whanonga | Code of Conduct is being delivered by our Eke Taumata Programme and is one of a number of developments that together, will support the organisation to achieve long-term workplace culture change and ensure a positive experience for our people.  It takes its lead from the intent of the Te Kawa Mataaho/Public Service Commission 2022 review.(external link)

If you have any pātai, questions regarding the information on this page you can reach out to the Eke Taumata team via: eketaumata@fireandemergency.nz.

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