Learning about any culture is about starting out small and taking that next step. We are all sitting at different levels of comfort and capability and by taking the time to work through this introductory guide to Kaupapa Māori and the online knowledge check, you’re taking that next step in your learning. Kia kaha!

This guide underpins a key focus of the Hiwa-i-te-rangi programme, which is to support you with building your awareness and capability of kaupapa Māori. Kaupapa Māori relates to culture and values that are inherently Māori. It is a way of doing things informed by tradition and is inclusive of people from all ethnicities and backgrounds.

For Fire and Emergency, ‘Kaupapa Māori’ includes the use of te reo Māori, adoption of tikanga, understanding our history as a nation and building enduring relationships based on mutual understanding.

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