On Friday 3 December 2021, New Zealand moved to the COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF)(external link) .

  • Northland, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Kawerau, Opotiki, Gisborne, Wairoa, Taupo, Ruapehu, Rangitikei and Whanganui Districts are at CPF Red.
  • The rest of New Zealand is at CPF Orange.

This map shows where the boundaries are(external link)

The CPF aims to provide a pathway out of lockdowns and minimise the ongoing impact of the virus. It relies on high vaccination rates.

The CPF has three settings, Green, Orange and Red, which are designed to help manage outbreaks and cases.

The COVID-19 Protection Framework at Fire and Emergency

In response to the Government’s new CPF system, we have developed the:

Download [PDF, 287 KB]  Service Delivery COVID-19 Protection Framework protocols table all Colours and Lockdown (SDCPF table-all colours and lockdown) 

Download [PDF, 221 KB]  ComCen-CPF table  

Download [PDF, 311 KB]  Asset Continuity Plan for Fleet, Property, Equipment and Telecommunications.  

Download [PDF, 153 KB]  Contractors accessing Fire and Emergency sites guideline – our contractors have this as well.

They detail the protocols that must be followed under each setting (Green, Orange and Red) as well as under localised lockdown situations.

Changes are flagged on COVID-19 Site updates summary.

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