Questions about COVID-19 at an address are now not asked while in Alert Level 1.

Upon arrival on scene at incidents, you need to ensure that you ask COVID questions such as "Does anyone at the location have COVID-19 or is there anyone suspected of having COVID-19 or displaying any Flu like symptoms at this address?"

Ambulance call-taking

Ambulance have also changed their call-taking/handling process in response to this pandemic.

  • When Ambulance receives information that a patient may have a viral illness, they ask extra questions about COVID-19, including whether anyone at the location has been confirmed as having COVID-19 or is in self-isolation.
  • These questions are not asked for every call as had previously been done, but are now only asked if they are deemed to be clinically appropriate, determined by the call taker and chief complaint of the patient.  This now means these questions are no longer asked for cardiac arrest (PURPLE) incidents other than by exception.
  • The information collected will be shared with responding crews from Ambulance and Fire. Fire ComCen will provide information to you on route if this is available, you will continue to receive this on your LMR, e.g. ‘COVID-19 registered address – Ensure appropriate PPE is worn, and contact the clinical help desk on 0800 111 4357."

Affected addresses

Addresses of confirmed cases that are home isolating are regularly loaded into the ComCen CAD system, so responders will receive this information.

Crews turned out to any of these addresses will be told of the COVID-19 situation and reminded to wear appropriate PPE.



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