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Respiratory protection

This page has information on which face masks to use and when, using BA and APRs during the pandemic, and instructions for washing BA.

COVID questioning protocols

This page has the questions you should ask on arrival at an incident, or a site visit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

NHQ protocols

This page holds information for NHQ personnel who work at 80 The Terrace in Wellington. NHQ personnel working in regions should follow the protocols for their site.

Exposure to COVID-19 at incidents

This page hasĀ information on when you are exposed to COVID-19 at events, and the notification and reporting requirements in Safe@Work


This page has information about cleaning our PPE, our vehicles and our stations

Pandemic supplies

Ordering of medical PPE and pandemic supplies is being done at the national level for distribution to Regions, Areas and Districts.

COVID-19 Information video series

This page has some great informational videos from our people, explaining the nature of COVID-19 and talking about information and demonstrating procedures for our people on the front-line.


This page has a glossary of the terms we are using during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

Childcare support

There is support for workers of Alert Level 4 businesses and services to access childcare if they are unable to make their own arrangements.