From 11.59pm Monday 12th September the Service Delivery Covid protection framework (SDCPF) is replaced by the Baseline health measures document.

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Rapid Antigen Testing for household contacts:Policy updated 26 May 2022

Policy Procedure

Using a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kit User videos
Definitions - This page has an up-to-date glossary of the terms we are using during the COVID-19 pandemic response Contact definitions
COVID-19 case notification requirements checklist for Managers and Brigade Leaders Checklist [DOCX, 68 KB]
COVID-19 case notification for non-operational staff Form(external link)
COVID-19 leads for locations, functions and unions and associations Region COVID leads 
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Risk Reduction and Community Readiness and Recovery - 24 February 2022 RR-CRR-CPF [PDF, 197 KB]
Communications Centres (ComCen) - 22 February 2022 ComCen CPF [PDF, 221 KB]
Workforce Capability - 8 July 2022 Workforce Capability CPF


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